Feb. 19, 2022

Alternative Investments | Macro | Crypto | Debt | The Zach Morrow Interview.

Alternative Investments | Macro | Crypto | Debt | The Zach Morrow Interview.
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Okay, today's a good one. Grab some popcorn and sit back, because this podcast has some great nuggets of information from Zach Morrow.

Zach Morrow has worked hand in hand with Boron Capital™ for nearly 5 years. With a strong business background, Zach owned and operated 2 of his own businesses before selling them to join the Team at Boron Capital™. With Boron Capital™, he oversees the Investor Relations of 3 private investment funds which operate across a series of alternative asset classes. He also serves as an advisor to the Fund on development and strategy.

Zach is a Marine Corps Veteran, with 5 years of Active Service. During his tour of duty, he was awarded the Presidential Support Badge for honorable service in a position in direct support of the President of the United States. Upon entering the Marine Corps, he was quickly pulled aside as a select candidate for the Yankee White (YW) Program: an elite program tasked as the Marine Security Force in direct support of the President. This elite Marine Security Force is responsible for the protection and security of Top Secret assets and facilities, top Federal Officials to include the President and Vice President, and the direct management of matters involving national security. YW is regarded as one of the most honored and rare positions in the Corps.

To learn more about Boron Capital, text "info" to 31996.

Today we hit on a lot of topics, in no particular order. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and I hope you will too.

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