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Gets the wheels turning

What great podcast. Lots of information and real ideas on a level that you can understand without a degree in finance. The host is also quite entertaining in his delivery.

Just what I Need

Big thanks to the Rogue Retirement Lounge!As a self-employed person I’ve been kicking retirement planning down the road for too many years.My eyes are opening! Thank you!

Always good to expand my knowledge on finance.

As I'm approaching my retirement years ive really started thinking more about my finances, and this podcast helps me better understand some of my options!

Wonderful pod, self employment power!

Excellent show! Insightful!

Interesting info

This is a great podcast for self-employed people. Listen now.

Invites you along the investment journey

Matt is learner and a seeker for knowledge. He wants to be informed and his listeners reap the benefits. Give it a listen. -Cody Goheen

Great Podcast

This hits on subjects overlooked by the corporate financial services market!

Susie Anderson

As a new self-employed business owner, I am thrilled to have found this podcast. No longer have a 401K doing the work for me. The host is engaging and I appreciate his candor!

Retirement made easy

Admission. I'm 59 and want to retire within 7 years. I have a very good start but this podcast helps me think "outside the box" and has given me a plethora of ideas on how to get there aside from the traditional IRA stuff I'm HOOKED!