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Interesting info

This is a great podcast for self-employed people. Listen now.

Invites you along the investment journey

Matt is learner and a seeker for knowledge. He wants to be informed and his listeners reap the benefits. Give it a listen. -Cody Goheen

Great Podcast

This hits on subjects overlooked by the corporate financial services market!

Susie Anderson

As a new self-employed business owner, I am thrilled to have found this podcast. No longer have a 401K doing the work for me. The host is engaging and I appreciate his candor!

Retirement made easy

Admission. I'm 59 and want to retire within 7 years. I have a very good start but this podcast helps me think "outside the box" and has given me a plethora of ideas on how to get there aside from the traditional IRA stuff I'm HOOKED!