June 18, 2022

As Goes California, So Goes YOUR State | "Journalism" | and Your ACTUAL Retirement Spending...

As Goes California, So Goes YOUR State |
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I'm BACK, for the ATTACK.

If you weren't watching the California primary results, I've got a little update for you. And hey, who cares anyway, 'cause California POLICY is cummin' your way, LIKE IT OR NOT.

Here's Michael Shellenberger on the Adam Corolla podcast. It's good:


Here's the New York Times article that claims "overall crime in San Francisco has changed little since [SF DA Chesa] Boudin took office in early 2020."


Here's an article from The Economist that has a slightly different slant on the topic:


Here's my interview with Tim Leffel about retirement abroad:


And finally, here's that Wall Street Journal article about your actual spending in retirement:


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