June 14, 2021

Retirement Travel: Get Free Nights at Marriott Properties with Chase

Retirement Travel: Get Free Nights at Marriott Properties with Chase

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the podcast, but I'm a points whore. I've got about a million air miles accumulated and about a half million Marriott points. 

Now I'm getting more aggressive on the accumulation of hotel points. Why? Well, on any international trip I've taken in the last decade or so, I usually spend more on hotels than I do on the flights. And when I retire, I want to have a BOAT LOAD of hotel points.

And you should too!

So if you want to earn free nights as well as lots of points, get the Marriott Bonvoy Chase Card. I've been using these cards since I quit my job in 2006, and I've been able to stay in NICE places in Sydney, Melbourne, Lima, Paris, London, Brussels, Barcelona and Tokyo for free.

The key to maximizing your points acquisition is really simple: Always stay at Marriott properties and use the Marriott credit card.

Not only will you get free nights and points, but you'll also be helping me to retire with more points, because I receive bonus points when you click this link and get your own card. 

Right now I'm not making any money with the Rogue Retirement Lounge podcast, so if you want to help support the show, getting your Marriott Bonvoy Chase Card is a great way to help a brother out. Thanks in advance!!

Now back to retirement planning: Travel is huge for most of us, especially in those early years of retirement when you're still mobile, healthy and active. So do yourself a favor: Pick an airline and pick a hotel brand, then try to only use those brands when traveling. I'm Marriott all the way. In fact, I'm lifetime Platinum with Marriott because I've stayed with them something like 700 times. And for airlines, since I'm on the West Coast, I try to stick with Alaska. And with their partner program, it's easy to redeem points for international flights.

Anyway, start accumulating air miles and hotel points before you retire. And if you get a Marriott card using one of the links above, I'll be your best friend forever!!

Happy retirement planning!