April 10, 2022

Celebrity Interview! Toby Mathis: Tax Attorney, Author, Investor And All-Around Cool Guy.

Celebrity Interview! Toby Mathis: Tax Attorney, Author, Investor And All-Around Cool Guy.
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Okay folks, in this episode of the Rogue Retirement Lounge, I'm very proud to have Toby Mathis Joining me. Toby is a tax attorney, he’s one of the founding partners of Anderson Advisors, which is a nationwide tax and asset protection firm, and he’s the author of the best-selling book Infinity Investing: How The Rich Get Richer And How You Can Do The Same. Toby is also the host of the Tax Tuesday podcast, which I’ve been listening to for a couple years and I highly recommend.

Today we talk about:

  • Asset Protection
  • The Tax Tuesday Podcast
  • Loving your work
  • Las Vegas Restaurants
  • S-Corps
  • Crypto
  • Business tax revenue
  • Real inflation
  • Does money buy happiness?
  • ...and more

If you want to learn more about Toby, find him...

...on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaxWiseToby

...at Infinity Investing: https://infinityinvesting.com/

...at Anderson Business Advisors: https://andersonadvisors.com/

...and on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/tobymathisesq

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