Nov. 15, 2021

Collateralized Crypto Loans, F*CK The 4% Rule For Your Retirement, "What's China Laughing at?" and Homeless Camp Shootouts!

Collateralized Crypto Loans, F*CK The 4% Rule For Your Retirement,
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Is crypto part of YOUR retirement plan? Seriously, I borrowed $12,750 against part of my Balance and got the money in three days, with NO credit check.

It's the BLOCKFI collateralized loan program where your Bitcoin enables you to BORROW money to BUY MORE BITCOIN!!!

Oh, and if you want to dig deep into the 4% rule (which is now, apparently, the 3.3% rule), check out this article in the Wall Street Journal. No subscription required:

Here's what China is laughing at today:

And check out the latest fun we're having in Portland with our homeless friends:

Remember, go sign up for your own Blockfi account. You'll get up to a $250 crypto bonus and you'll be on the best exchange out there. AND you'll be able to earn interest on your crypto. And, you'll be supporting this show, as I'm a Blockfi affiliate!

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