Feb. 28, 2022

Financial Advisors I Like And Trust: The Jeremy Keil Interview, Part I

Financial Advisors I Like And Trust: The Jeremy Keil Interview, Part I
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So in a previous episode, I might have mentioned I don't trust some financial advisors. But there are some I really trust and respect, and I've got one on the show today. His name's Jeremy Keil and he's with Keil Financial Partners outside of Milwaukie, Wisconsin and he's also the host of the Retirement Revealed Podcast.

Here's his company website:


Here's where you can listen to his podcast:


Among other topics, in part one of this interview, we touch on:

How long will you live? Look it up, buttercup!

How much will you really need?

Where will you take your retirement income from?

When you retire, you may have 30 or more years left. Invest some of your money for long-term growth. 

Tapering you risk exposure as you get closer to retirement.

Planning to take your Social Security early? Jeremy’s wise words on this topic.

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