Aug. 29, 2022

Talking F.I.R.E. With Diania Merriam. You Might Want To Take Some Notes...

Talking F.I.R.E. With Diania Merriam. You Might Want To Take Some Notes...
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Whether you're 40 years away from retirement and you've just started doing your planning, or if you're already retired, there's some serious money wisdom in this episode.

Diania Merriam is the host of the Optimal Finance Daily Podcast:

She also started the EconoME Conference:

I really enjoyed this conversation -- we covered a lot more than just F.I.R.E., so pour yourself a beer, grab a coffee, whatever makes you happy.... Get comfortable and enjoy this episode. You will be smarter afterwards, I promise.

Here's a link to the book that was briefly mentioned, "Die With Zero":

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