Jan. 26, 2021

TRAILER: The Rogue Retirement Lounge

TRAILER: The Rogue Retirement Lounge
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This is the Rogue Retirement Lounge, where we talk about all things retirement for Entrepreneurs. If you’re self-employed, if you're a gig worker, if you’re a solo-preneur, you’ve come to the right place to learn about alternative retirement investing strategies and structures, as well as other things NOBODY told you about when you started your business.

I’m Matt Franklin and I’ve been self-employed for 15 years. I’ve had multiple businesses, including one that got me on Shark Tank in season 4. I talk to entrepreneurs all the time, and one thing is nearly universal: We’re shitty when it comes to preparing for retirement.

I’ve spent the last five years researching ways to hurry up my path to retirement, and I was able to shave almost 10 years off of my working life by completely re-constructing my investment strategy from the ground up, and now I want to help you to retire sooner, retire wealthier, and retire happier.

This podcast is unlike any other retirement show out there because pretty much everything we talk about is specifically for self-employed people like you. If you’re in a normal job with a 401K, you’ll still learn a lot here, but my focus is on the unique problems AND OPPORTUNITIES that we entrepreneurs have. I’m not gonna talk down to you and I don’t try to sell you anything. I’m here to give you ACTIONABLE information, not bullshit life insurance pitches and annuity plans.

I release at least one episode a week, but be sure to subscribe, because there’ll be bonus episodes here and there, either when I discover something super cool related to retirement, or when there’s something scary that YOU need to know about.

The length of this podcast will vary, so be ready for some short ones and some very long ones.


Most of the time it’s just going to be me and you on here, but occasionally I’ll interview experts who are way smarter than I am.


This Rogue Retirement Lounge is available on all the major podcasting platforms, but if you want links to your preferred platform, just go to www.rogueretirementlounge.com.