May 24, 2021

What is the REAL Inflation Rate? How Will it Affect YOUR Retirement?

What is the REAL Inflation Rate? How Will it Affect YOUR Retirement?

Many self-employed people, when doing their retirement planning, fail to take into account just how much inflation will eat into their income over time. Today I'm going to offer my take on inflation and why nobody really knows what YOUR rate of inflation is or will be...

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Inflation and your retirement plan

In today's episode of the Rogue Retirement Lounge Podcast, I'm briefly going to cover yet another reason why you shouldn't pay off your home mortgage early and then we're gonna have some real talk about inflation.

Inflation and taxes are the two biggest destroyers of your retirement wealth, so it's worth talking about them. I know, nobody wants to talk about inflation, but it needs to be done. Inflation is insidious, so you need to have it as part of your retirement planning calculus.

The Rogue Retirement Lounge Podcast is your source of retirement planning info, specifically for self-employed people and entrepreneurs.

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