Feb. 23, 2022

Your Wealth, Seized? And Central Bank Digital Currency Rundown: What The Hell Is Programmable Money?

Your Wealth, Seized? And Central Bank Digital Currency Rundown: What The Hell Is Programmable Money?
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So you've heard about the Canadian Government invoking the Emergencies Act... You've heard about them freezing bank accounts and even freezing crypto wallets. Is that really possible? Yes.

Could your government freeze or seize your retirement savings? Most definitely. So DON'T HAVE WRONG THOUGHTS, DON'T SAY WRONG THINGS, AND DON'T ENGAGE IN TRACEABLE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS WITH WRONG PEOPLE. Got it? Good.

Today we're gonna talk about this. But this topic, as uncomfortable as it is, opens the door to another uncomfortable topic:


They're coming, my friend. We still have a couple years, or, well, at least probably one year. So it's time to start preparing yourself.

Today I'm going to help you understand how the mechanics of CBDCs might work, and how programmability will help your government keep more of "their share" of your money, while keeping an eye on exactly where you spend your money.

This episode is kinda long, but it'll be educational, I promise. Especially the CBDC part.

Grab a beer and let's do this.

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